Wunderkammer | Slate Fine Art, Regina, Sk.
​​Oct- Nov, TBA, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery of Tampa University, Tampa, Florida.

Nov-Dec, Wreathe, New Art Projects, London, UK.

Nov-Dec,  Jane Buyers & Zachari Logan, AKA Artist Run, Saskatoon, Sk.​

*Zachari Logan Long-Listed for the 2016 Sobey Award.

*Zachari Logan featured on CBC Arts 'Exhibitionists': 

A Natural History of Unnatural Things  Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery April 27th-Aug. 28th 2016


​​Eunuch Tapestry 5 | Leslie Lohman Museum, Wooster Street Window Gallery, NYC
         Grotesques | Roq La Rue, Seattle.
​June 16 - Aug 12, Hypernatural, Julie Saul Gallery, New York, NY.

June 3 - July 3, Forgotten Selves, Paul Petro Contemporary Art. Toronto, Ont.

May 4th - Sept 18th, Bliss: Gardens Real and Imagined, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Ont.​

Artist In Residence at Wave Hill Botanical Gardens. Bronx, NY.


C U R R E N T  &  U P C O M I N G  P R O J E C T S  |  2 0 1 6

Ditches, Dandies & Lions | Paul Petro Contemporary, Toronto​​​
​​Wildermann | Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta.

Earlier in 2016:

The Lonliest Animal, A survey Exhibition (2010 - present) | Isolo17. Verona, Italy.


Z   A   C   H   A   R   I      L    O   G   A   N

P R O J E C T S  in  2 0 1 5

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Certain  Projects  Made  Possible  Through  Support  From  Canada  Council  For  The  Arts, Creative Saskatchewan  &  Saskatchewan  Arts  Board. 

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